Tea Tree, Essential Oil 10ML

Tea Tree, Essential Oil 10ML


Tea Tree Oil Benefits:

  • Natural antiseptic
  • Natural healing properties
  • Can improve and reduce acne
  • Soothing on the skin and scalp
  • Can reduce scarring
  • Fresh and invigorating scent

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Our pure oil makes this one of the best tea tree oils for acne. It can be applied directly onto the skin, or added to your favourite skincare products to help combat spots and blemishes, such as moisturisers and serums. Regular use will reduce bacteria in the skin and support healing, so that your skin becomes clearer, and acne scarring is reduced, for all round smoother and brighter skin that’s balanced. Tea tree oil for scars is an effective treatment, and a great natural alternative to other harsher treatments.

Our oil can also be added to water and used in a steam diffuser or an oil burner, for a fresh scent that will awaken your senses. Ideal as an invigorating treatment when you feel you need a boost, using this oil in the morning is a great way to start your day.

This is a luxury pure tea tree oil that is a must-have for your collection. Ideal for everyday use, tea trees can offer a variety of benefits.

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